Admissions Requirements for Psychology Graduate Programs in Washington

Selecting an Psychology graduate program in Washington gives you access to many unique career opportunities. These programs are some of the best psychology graduate programs in Washington State.

Psychology graduate programs in Washington State

These programs are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and meet or exceed the standards of the Psychology Graduate Programs and Programs in Psychology and Mental Health: Education, Practice, and Research.

Select courses:

Required courses

In-depth coursework in Psychology.

Specializations in various subfields of Psychology.

Recommended courses (not required)

Admission criteria:

Psychology Graduate Program, The Psychological Review, APA Publication

Inclusion is highly competitive and based on applicant’s application for admission to a doctoral program.

Undergraduate GPA less than 2.75.

Applicant should have received a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with a minimum of 24 credit hours in psychology.

Preference will be given to students with strong academic records.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis; applications submitted before May 1, 2017 will not be reviewed. Late-enrollment applications will not be accepted for consideration. We strongly encourage you to submit all required elements on time.

Required Coursework

Associate of Applied Science degree or equivalent with emphasis in general or applied psychology.

Applicants with bachelor’s degree may submit a transcript.

Students may substitute a minor in psychology for the required courses in Psychology, up to 2 semester hours of a psychology course may be substituted.

Required courses for degree in psychology:

  • Psychology 101 – 3 credits
  • Psychology 102 – 6 credits
  • Introduction to Psychology – 3 or 6 credits
  • Psychology 103 – 1
  • Psychology Schools and Programs in Washington
  • Psychology Schools and Programs in Washington, DC

Looking for a psychology graduate school to improve the quality of your life? You’ve found the right place. We’ve scoured the web to bring you all of the best psychology graduate programs in Washington, DC.

If you’re interested in becoming a counselor, mental health counsellor, or are an English-language speaker with psychology expertise, you should consider enrolling in a degree program that focuses on the study of psychology. As soon as you finish your degree, you’ll be qualified to sit for state licensing exams.

As a psychology graduate program options, the classes are geared towards helping those who’re looking to become psychology counselors. In order to be qualified to practice counseling, psychology graduate programs in Washington, DC, you may have to have attended a certain number of credits.

How many credits?

Graduates of psychology graduate programs in Washington are required to have at least 12 credits. While some may give you a lower credit requirement, some universities may require more. As a result, make sure you check out the credits and class schedule when you are enrolling in your psychology graduate program.

Psychology Graduate Programs for Americans with Disabilities

With so much talent, you don’t have to know how to code in order to succeed! If you’re interested in pursuing a psychology graduate program as a non-traditional academic field (e.g., business/law or computer science), you could consider applying to a psychology graduate program that focuses on psychology.

The reason that psychology graduate programs are good fit for business majors or other non-traditional academic fields is that studying psychology may offer better career opportunities. A psychology graduate program is a great option because they can help you become a professional in a field that you’re passionate about.

Psychology Doctoral Universities in Washington

Psychology Graduate Programs in Washington

Washington, DC has a great deal to offer all types of students who are looking for degrees in psychology. As the capital of the country, Washington DC has many opportunities for degree-seekers alike, from undergraduate to graduate training. The psychology graduate schools here in the nation’s capitol are top notch and the student experience in Washington DC truly reflects the city’s character and is unparalleled in other cities across the nation. The psychology degrees available in Washington DC are a perfect choice for students seeking to develop a strong resume by landing their first job and also to explore new horizons with the world of psychology. Many of the programs are located in the nation’s capital and there is a wide variety of courses offered in Washington for the students who are enrolled in the graduate school programs.

Psychology Graduate Programs in Washington are Available With the Highest Ranges and Highest Quality of Education

The psychology graduate schools in Washington DC provide various degrees which are highly sought out by many students with an academic education in psychology. At the graduate schools of psychology in Washington DC, degrees are pursued in a highly demanding coursework environment. The psychology graduate programs cover a great deal of general, clinical, and specialized coursework requirements to complete all classes for their students to receive their degrees and certificates. In the psychology programs, students undertake an in depth clinical work experience designed to provide students with a sound theoretical and practical foundation on which to launch a successful career in the field. For graduates from this program, gaining admission to master’s degree programs in psychology is often the best possible option because the master’s degree programs offer a broad range of graduate coursework which prepares the graduate professionals in the field for success in their careers. The master’s degree in psychology courses are intended to provide the most comprehensive and holistic education to provide students from this degree program with the highest quality