Couples Therapist Near Me

Ongoing couple therapist session with a professional therapist (Photo credit: The List)

After a few months or years, that fire that you both once experienced in your relationship may begin to fade. Eventually, things that didn’t matter will begin to matter—and jokes may turn to insults. Arguments, fights, disagreements, and boredom may set in. Don’t throw in the towel at that point. What you need is the assistance of a couples therapist to resolve the problem.  

Couples therapy is a type of psychotherapy that helps to resolve issues bothering on communication, blending into the family, conflict with childbearing, mismatched libidos, infidelity, anger, and different values. 

Couple therapy session gives you the opportunity to rebuild and strengthen your relationship. It can also equip those going through a separation with the mental strength to deal with the situation. 

Steps in preparing for a therapist: Couples Therapist Near Me

The first couples therapy session can be intimidating. Pouring out your secret to a total stranger takes some form of bravery.

The first step to couple counseling is finding the right therapist. The first place to start your search may be to ask your physician for a referral. Other people that you can ask for referral are clergy, loved ones, and mental health agencies. 

It is always important to do some background checks on the therapist you want to schedule a session with to make sure that they are the right fit for you and your partner. Check their education and experience, the logistics of getting to their office, treatment plan, and fees or insurance. 

If you are making a random search through a search engine, the best search query would be “couples therapist near me”. 

What to expect from couples therapy sessions

The first Couples therapy session will be more of an introduction and getting to know each other. The therapist will also use the opportunity to understand your relationship better. Subsequently, the therapist will use different techniques to get to the root of the problem. Some of the commonly used techniques are;

1. Reflective listening: the therapist takes turns to listen to each other. Here, each couple replaces ‘you’ with ‘I’. This allows them to express their feeling. 

2. Solution-oriented therapy: this is a short-term therapeutic approach that allows the couples to explore solutions rather than dwelling on the problem. 

3. Couple therapy with a focus on emotion: Emotionally focused therapy (EFT) is one of the common techniques couple therapists use to identify patterns in a relationship that hinder attachments.

4. Imago relationship therapy: is a technique by Dr. Helen LaKelly Hunt and Dr. Harville Hendrix that explores how childhood connection affects adult relationships. 

5. Gottman method: the emphasis is on couples better understanding themselves while managing conflict.

6: Narrative therapy: useful among couples that have failed in the past, therefore, see themselves as failures. The couples believe they will fail from the beginning of the relationship. 

The therapist may also introduce fun games and activities such as crafts, music, initiating deeper conversation, and identifying love language that will help to resolve whatever problem that the couples are experiencing or improve their bonding. 

Couples Therapist Near Me

Couples therapist in Texas

If you are in Texas and search for a “couples therapist near me”, you will find myriads of options. However, here are those that really stood out for us for one reason or another. 

1. RCC Austin 

Address: 4131 Spicewood Springs Road, G-1, Austin, TX 78759

Phone no: 512-270-4883

RCC is one of the reputable couples therapists in Texas. Their marriage counseling Texas office is located in Spicewood Spring Road. Their website lists myriads of relationship problems that require the intervention of a therapist including going through a major life transition, a new job, or parenting stress. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is limited space for an in-person session. You can contact them through their mailing form on the website or book a session by calling their phone number. By subscribing to their mailing list, you will get up-to-date information about their operations. 

2. Our Lady Of Good Counsel (OLOGC)

Address: 2605 Sagebrush Drive Suite 101, Flower Mound, TX 75028

Phone no.: 972-777-4325

The most unique thing about this therapist is that they offer individual, faith, and couple therapy from the Catholic Christian perspective. Also, unlike other therapists in Texas, you can schedule free 15-minute video consultation. OLOGC is the brainchild of Kartika Refi. She is a licensed marriage and family therapy associate. 

The two main techniques Refi use in counseling are emotionally focused couple therapy and child-centered play therapy. She has affiliations with the Catholic Psychology Association and Texas Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. OLOGC is available from Mondays to Thursdays from 10 am to 7 pm CST. 

3. The Magnolia Clinic

Address: 1124 Galveston Avenue, Forth Worth, TX 76104

Phone no.:817-609-2289

The Magnolia Clinic is the brainchild of Jacob O. Wasonga, Ph.D., LMFT. The therapist uses psycho-dynamic and post-modern approaches to assist individuals and couples. To better understand your situation, the Magnolia Clinic offers free over-the-phone consultations. If you have no insurance cover, you will have to pay $120 per session. 

The Magnolia Clinic currently accepts insurance from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas and United Healthcare (Optum). They offer a wide range of services including couple’s therapy, individual consultation, family therapy, and child play therapy. Overcoming that stressful relationship is just one click away. 

4. Dr. White and Associates. P.C.

Address: 2545 74th St Lubbock, TX 79423

Phone no.: 806-608-3476 

Regardless of COVID-19, Dr. White and Associates, P.C. is open for business. However, they are offering technology-assisted services through secure video conferencing. The organization is made up of licensed professionals with graduate degrees in marriage and family therapy. 

The therapists at Dr. White and Associates, P.C are Christians, thus are open to spiritual and faith-based perspectives on any denomination. You can either schedule a session by calling their receptionist or using an online form. Dr. Mark A. White who offers one of the best marriage counseling in Lubbock TX work here. 

Couple therapist in California 

The first thing you will notice in California is that there are more individual therapists than agencies. If you are in California and need couples therapist, some of the options that you should consider include;

1. Dr. Daniel Slavin

Address: Santa Monica Blvd, CA 90025

Phone no.: 310-963-5038

Looking for the best marriage counseling in California? Dr. Slavin is your best bet. With over 30 years of experience in helping individuals and couples through depression and difficulty, you can be sure to have a nice time. Firstly, you will need to schedule a free intro consultation which is totally free. This will help to determine if you are the right fit. 

Dr. Slavin has a wide specialty including individual psychotherapy, anxiety, marriage therapy, family counseling, depression, and life coaching. Dr. Slavin accepts insurance but there are some questions you need to ask your insurance company. 

2. Caitlin Kwan Therapy

Address: Pasadena Therapy Collective 450 South Marengo Avenue Pasadena, Ca 91101

Phone no.: 626-604-0593

Caitlin conducts individual, couple, family, and group therapy sessions. Due to the pandemic, sessions are exclusively through video or phone. Caitlin makes use of a client-centered and collaborative approach to help her clients deal with any issues they may be facing in their relationship. 

Caitlin is a Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist with a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy. She is also race sensitive and her website acknowledges the Gabrielino, Fenandeno and Tongva people. 

Couple therapist in New York

Perhaps, you have been searching for the ‘best couples therapist near me’, hoping to find the best couple therapist in New York, here are a few therapists you should try. 

1. Counseling Cares Associates

Address: 47 Orient Way, Suite 2A Rutherford, NJ 07070

Phone no.: 201-896-4840

Counseling Cares Associates (CCA) has a broad range of services including marriage and couples counseling, child and family counseling, individual counseling, and employee assistance program. Unlike most therapist out there, their services are affordable, high-quality, and private. 

All their staff therapist holds New Jersey Mental Health Licenses and are fully qualified to perform a wide range of treatment services. In most cases, your appointment will be scheduled within 48 hours after you place a phone call to the agency. In addition to counseling, you will get free parking. 

2. Tribeca Therapy

Address: 79 chambers, 2nd floor New York, NY 10007; 561 4th Avenue, 2A Brooklyn, NY 11215

Phone no.: 212-571-5799

Tibeca Therapy was founded by Matt Lundquist (LCSW, MSEd). The agency is now offering in-person therapy and counseling through phone and video conference. With a bustling team of professionals, Tribeca is offering support for myriads of problems including depression, anxiety, dating, couples therapy, and so on.

Unlike other agencies, they have an informative blog where you can learn a thing or two about handling different personal problems like “how to break up with a friend”. When it comes to couples therapy in NYC—from dating to marriage counseling in New York—you can count on these therapists to help you find inner peace. 

3. Marriage Couples Counseling & Life Coach

Address: 160 Bleecker St, New York, NY 10012

Phone no.: 212-673-4618

This is an organization consisting of professionals across different fields including marriage and family therapists, psychiatrists, social workers, and life coaches. The entire staff has a combined eight-decade worth of experience. 

Their website has useful advice for couples. Interestingly, you may be able to find the help you seek by going through their blog. You can schedule a consultation by calling their line or sending them an email. They also have a detailed and useful article on what you should expect in your first meeting. 

Couple therapist in Florida

There are myriads of couple therapists in Florida but the following stand out for a number of reasons.

1. Cloud 9 Therapy

Address: 7451 Wiles Road Suite 206 Coral Springs, FL 33065; 301 NW 84th Ave Suite 208 Plantation, FL 33324; 2419 E. Commercial Blvd Suite 203 Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33308

Phone no.: 954-317-9460

Most therapy agencies usually have one office, Cloud 9 Therapy has three which increases the chance that your search for ‘couples therapist near me’ will bring up an office close to you. The agency offers therapy for one and therapy for couples. My streamlining their services, they are in a better position to offer more professional and customized services. 

Cloud 9 Therapy is the brainchild of Jessica Jefferson (M.A. & M.S.), a licensed marriage and family therapist certified in perinatal mental health. There is also a blog on the website where you will get to read about interesting tips that can help your personal development. 

2. Tampa Bay Area Counseling

Address: 1787 S. Pinellas Ave Unit 400 Tarpon Springs, FL 34689

Phone no.: 727-422-0996

Tampa Bay Area Counseling is made of a robust team of qualified counselors headed by Dr. Charisse Diaz (Psy LMHC). The agency specializes in anxiety, depression, child and teen, as well as marriage and couples therapy. 

Their website has interesting resources including recent news, mental health, and physical health links. If you are still in doubt of their expertise, their testimonial page may be enough to change your mind. You can book an appointment with them on their website or online. There is also a FAQ page that will answer most of your burning questions. 

3. Orlando Thrive Therapy

Address: 118 Pasadena Place, Orlando, FL 32803

Phone no.: 407-592-8997

Orlando Thrive Therapy has an interesting slogan that says ‘We give you the tools to thrive, not just survive’. They have a team of professionals that handles myriads of cases from overcoming anxiety to navigating relationships or gaining self-confidence. Your path to rising above any circumstance begins with free 10 minute phone consult. 

Their services cut across relationship counseling, anxiety therapy, individual counseling, life coach, and more. Orlando Thrive Therapy was founded by Heather Oller (LMHC), a licensed psychotherapist for nearly two decades. If you are still in doubt on whether couples therapy works, check out their testimonial page. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does a couples therapist cost?

Couples counseling cost ranges from $100 to $200 per hour. Considering that most professionals have a 90-minute session duration, you will likely be paying $150 to $300 per session of couple counseling.

  • What do couples therapists do?

Couple therapists are professional psychotherapists who have sometimes licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT). They use psychotherapy skills to help couples resolve any problem that may be affecting their romantic relationship.

  • Do couples therapy really work?

The success of couples therapy largely depends on the willingness and commitment of the couples to the process. Also, online therapy is just as effective as face-to-face or in-person counseling. 

  • How long should couples therapy last?

The duration of couples therapy can vary widely depending on the willingness of the couple and the skill of the therapist. However, research has shown that the average duration of couples going through Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) is 12 to 20 sessions. 


There is a slight difference between couples therapy and marriage counseling. While the former takes into consideration any history that may have led to the unhealthy patterns in the relationship, marriage counseling only deals with what is happening at the moment between the couples. There is no problem too big or too small for a couples therapist to handle. However, if the misunderstanding involves a threat to life, make sure you involve the police too.